Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eggs Benny at Denny's

I was a get together recently amongst friends when we discovered one of my photos had influenced a friend's breakfast choice without him knowing it was my work!
From Roland: "Melissa and I were at a Denny's Restaurant in Vancouver one morning for breakfast. I was feeling a little greasy that morning, so upon opening the menu I was glad to come across a great photo of what struck me as a "healthy" benny, with it's juicy tomatoes, onions and chilis. It was the Salsa Sensation, and boy did it look like the ticket! I ordered it up along with a coffee and man was I satisfied!
"It wasn't until several weeks later, when we discussed Steve's recent food photography work that we realized that it was his work that had influenced my choice of breakfast that morning!"
Thanks Roland for letting me know that my photos do actually work!

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